what it means to be a girl...

We're based in Portugal, and love to discover new trends and objects that embellish a young woman's routine

About us

We're a young team of curators and designers


With a strong background in graphic design and search of new trends and objects, we're lively aware of what it means to be a young woman nowadays.

The store aims to care about fashion, literature, beauty products and also sources of inspiration and/or creation.

Traditional handmade homeshoes from Algarve
€ 40.00 EUR
Ripstop fabric - Navyblue
€ 30.00 EUR
Ripstop fabric - Red
€ 30.00 EUR
Ribbed cotton white
€ 30.00 EUR
Book A Arte sem História - used
€ 18.99 EUR
Ripstop fabric Olive
€ 19.99 EUR
Avenida 25 de Abril nº35 3ºdto - 3510-118
Viseu - Portugal
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